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Christmas Picture Books For Children

Here are a variety of Christmas picture books perfect for getting in the festive spirit. A mixture of traditional, modern, humorous, pop up, and those with a religious element too. Great books that can be brought out each Christmas, perfect for young children and some of them will also hold their appeal for older children to enjoy the magic of Christmas too.

The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore

A lovely book containing the classic poem 'Twas the night before christmas' There are a few variations of this book with different illustrations etc.

This lovely hardcover version, while a little more expensive, is a little different to your normal books. It is the Animotion version, and has lovely artwork and extra special animated pictures that bring certain scenes to life. Perfect for a special Christmas book that can be read again and again.

If you want a regular version of this book, there is a paperback version , and also a hardback version by a different illustrator, Tom Browning, an award winning artist. The illustrations in both are beautiful and very classic, either of these will be perfect if you like this style of book. This book is perfect to snuggle up with and read at bedtime on Christmas Eve. If you like something more colourful and modern I suggest you look at some of my other book ideas.

Father Christmas Needs A Wee by Nicholas Allan

This a humorous, bright, colourful book, perfect to read anytime. It is great for engaging children with rhyming and counting. The only draw back is it's a little difficult to read due to dark text on a dark background, but it's worth overcoming this as it's a brilliant book. It appeals to young children, and with the rhyming, grown ups will love reading it aloud too. It will definitely have both children and adults smiling, and may even get you giggling too. It's also available in a book with CD edition too, read by Bernard Cribbins.

Aliens Love Panta Claus by Claire Freedman

This had to be done really, another book in the aliens love underpants series, but a festive one. If your children have loved the other books they are sure to like this too. If it's the first time you have seen these books, they are funny, great illustrations, and nice rhyming text. Your children will love them if they like aliens and talk of pants gives them the giggles, especially in this Christmas edition for this festive time of year.

The Christmas Story by Ian Beck

For those wanting a traditional, religious book to tell the Christmas story, baby Jesus and the nativity. This is a delightful book with lovely illustrations, a great picture book for young children. Lovely at Christmas time, particularly for those wanting a story that goes beyond Santa and presents, and looks at the religious 'real' meaning of Christmas. Then this is the book for you and your children to enjoy together.

My First Christmas by Stephen Barker

This is delightful for younger children, a simple story of the first Christmas, and an introduction to the Nativity, including shepherds, wise man and of course Jesus. It ends in a great pop up which all young children will love. A good book if you are wanting a colourful first Christmas book for a young child with a traditional religious basis.

A Present For Father Christmas by David Wood

If you are looking for a pop up book for Christmas, this is the book for you. A lovely story which has a good message in it too, about giving as well as receiving. Probably not for the very young due to the lovely pop ups, which you don't really want to be ripped, so from about age 4 up depending on the child of course.

There are also a collection of Christmas stories about familiar characters. If your child has a favourite character, try out the Christmas book too, it would be a great stocking filler for them, or just to share in the run up to Christmas and get in the festive spirit. Whoever is their favourite, be it Spot, Mog, Wibbly Pig, Lettice, or Kipper.

Maybe they prefer Dora the Explorer, Blue Kangaroo, Maisy, Angelina Ballerina, whoever is their favourite there is something for everybody.

If you have a Mr. Men fan, there are also quite a few Christmas versions of these, which for the size and price are perfect Stocking fillers. These are a great timeless classic, with their great colourful pictures and quirky stories.

So many choices for some great children's Christmas books, they can be treasured and brought out every year for the festive period. They help get everybody in the mood, there is nothing quite like snuggling under some blankets on Christmas Eve and enjoying some books together.

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