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Autumn Collage


Head out on a lovely autumnal day and collect as many natural items as you can. Variety is good, but even if you can only get a selection of different coloured autumnal leaves thats enough to work with.

Autumn park photo

You will need for your picture :

Nature items - leaves, twigs, bark, acorns, conkers, etc.
Anything else you want to use to put in the picture, suggestions are different coloured pipe cleaners, cotton wool, paint


Then get creating !!

Some ideas to help you along - You can use some bark to form a tree trunk, and then stick on various leaves, conkers etc... and use some autumnal paint colours, to add detail

Example of autumn collage Example of an autumn collage

You can make your picture a bit more structured, in the next example different coloured pipe cleaners and cotton wool have been used to add the sun and sheep detail.

Autumn collage picture