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Chapter Books For Boys Aged 5 Plus

Here are some more suggested chapter books for boys. These are slightly more difficult than the books mentioned in First Chapter Books For Boys, but still suitable for the earlier stages of reading chapter books. They still have the black and white drawings in them to create appeal to those not quite ready to move onto pages of just text. These are slightly harder because of the vocabulary used, they have a higher usage of longer, more difficult or specialist words, or simply more words per page or smaller text, or any combination of these !!

Again I have suggested these for boys as the topics covered would be more stereotypically suited to boys but of course girls, can and will enjoy them. These books are normally advertised in the 5 year old plus range, although a child would have to be an advanced reader to read them at that age themselves, but they would certainly enjoy having them read to them perhaps as a bedtime story. For your average reader these will be more suited to the 6 and 7 year old to start reading independently.

If they are finding any of them a bit tricky to begin with you can always read them together, reading a section each for example. Don’t let them struggle as you want to build their confidence and develop a love of books, reading to them is just as important and still exposes them to the excitement of the story and vocabulary etc. Make it fun. Also get your child to try out a variety of different books, by different authors, and covering different interests, and eventually, sooner or even years later something will capture their interest and their reading will take off. One day you will find them under the covers reading by torchlight when they are supposed to be asleep!!

Dinosaur Cove by Rex Stone

There are currently 19 books, 17 in the series and 2 double length adventure books, one of which is set around Christmas time, so ideal as a Christmas present for any young dinosaur fans. They are fiction books all about two boys having various great adventures in a world of dinosaurs, with dinosuar facts thrown in for a bit of educational value too. They are full of good black and white illustrations, and are quite short books, in terms of chapter books, around 80 pages, and not too much text per page, all of which help make it feel achievable to young readers. The only reason these are slightly harder is due to the specialist dinosaur words, such as stegosaur, ammonite, kentrosaurus etc. spread through the text, although if you have a real dinosaur fan don’t let that put you off trying them sooner rather than later, especially if somebody is around to help with the odd harder word.

  1. Attack of The Lizard King
  2. Charge of The Three Horned Monster
  3. March of The Armoured Beast
  4. Flight of The Winged Serpent
  5. Catching the Speedy Thief
  6. Stampede of The Giant Repties
  7. Rescuing the Plated Lizard
  8. Swimming of The Sea Monster
  9. Tracking The Gigantic Beast
  10. Escape From The Fierce Predator
  11. Finding The Deceptive Dinosaur
  12. Assault of The Friendly Fiends
  13. Chasing The Tunnelling Trickster
  14. Clash Of The Monster Crocs
  15. Rampage of The Hungry Giants
  16. Haunting Of The Ghost Runners
  17. Swarm Of The Fanged Lizards

The dinosaur cove double length adventure books are:

Lost in The Jurassic
Journey to the Ice Age - this is set around Christmas, so a perfect present for a dinosaur fan

Dirty Bertie by Alan MacDonald

This series of books have great appeal to boy humour, as can be seen from the books titles. Good fun books, that will have you giggling and laughing, all about a boy called Bertie, who is well mucky, and a nose picker !!! hence the name. Similar to Horrid Henry in content matter, with ‘boy’ humour except where as Henry is Horrid, Bertie is just a bit of a grubby boy, doing traditional stereotypical boy things. The books consist of three stories within each one, then each story is divided into short chapters. It has good illustrations and will appeal to emerging readers. There are also picture books in the Dirty Bertie range too, for the younger reader and a couple of extra books, a joke book, and a book of stuff!! Both of which would be great extras for any Dirty Bertie fan already into reading the books. These don’t have an order to them just dive into whichever one takes your child's interest.

Oliver Moon by Sue Mongredien

This series of books is about Oliver Moon, who is a Junior wizard at magic school. Light hearted wizardry, fun and enjoyable with no darkness in them to scare younger readers. There are black and white illustrations on most pages, a bit of humour, and a slightly larger text size, which makes these perfect for emerging readers.

The books in this series are:

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

Stories about a boy called Stanley, who becomes flat and has lots of adventures. It’s a funny book with good illustrations throughout and it’s quite innocuous, maybe due to the fact it was originally written over 30 years ago now. The reader needs to be at a stage where they aren’t daunted by a whole page of text, as the layout is such that there is often one full page of illustration, and one full page of text which maybe a bit off putting to some reluctant readers. Although the text size is still slightly larger, and spaced well.

  1. Flat Stanley
  2. Stanley and the Magic Lamp
  3. Invisible Stanley
  4. Stanley in Space
  5. Stanley’s Christmas Adventure
  6. Stanley, Flat Again!

If you are wanting recommendations for easier early chapter books have a look at First Chapter Book For Boys. If you want something harder, try the chapter books for boys 7 plus.