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Fairy Chapter Books

Most girls will have heard of, or read some of the Rainbow magic fairies books, they seem very popular. However if you or your child are looking for some new ideas, here is a selection of other fairy chapter books to choose from. Ideal for girls that are reading chapter books independently, and for those that still like having chapter books read to them, there is something for everyone. There are even a couple of books that are available to buy for the kindle.

The Fairy House by Kelly McKain

There are a selection of different titles in The Fairy House series, they are about a girl called Katie and the various adventures she has with four fairies, Rosehip, Bluebell, Daisy and Snowdrop. These books have quite a large print size, with lots of pictures throughout the books, on approx. every other page, making them suitable for those beginning to read chapter books.

Airy Fairy by Margaret Ryan

The Airy Fairy books are about a fairy called Airy Fairy, who as the name suggests is a bit airy fairy ! She's accident prone, messy, gets a bit muddled, and generally has trouble doing lots of things, but is very cute too. With titles such as Magic Muddle, Magic Mess and Magic Mischief it gives you a good idea what the books will be about. These books contain lots of illustrations throughout, with pictures on practically every page, and a slightly larger than normal print size.

These can be bought as a boxed set, which is a great way to get a few of the books in one go, plus as it's boxed nicely this would make a lovely present.

Glitterwings Academy by Titania Woods

These books are based in a fairy boarding school and will appeal to slightly older girls who are interested in fairies, to read to themselves, age 7 or 8 and possibly older, particularly if they have enjoyed books like Mallory Towers. They will also be enjoyed by younger girls, but unless their independent reading is advanced they will probably need the books read to them. They contain some lovely illustrations, the text is fairly small and there is more variety and detail than the rainbow fairy books, making them appealing to older fairy loving girls to read independently. The actual books themselves have lovely hardback covers, but if you have moved onto more modern technology to read books, an extra bonus is that some of the books are also available on kindle.

Also there is a nice Christmas book in this series which would make a great Christmas present for any fairy loving girls. With a hardcover and lovely illustrations.

Nina Fairy Ballerina by Anna Wilson and Nicola Slater

These chapter books are great for girls that are fairy and ballet fans, as they combine both. They have quite short chapters, with illustrations throughout and larger text, so in this respect are suitable for children beginning to read chapter books. However they do still contain some harder words, so some help may be required if they are just starting to read independently.

Some of the first books can be a little harder to find so buying them as a set of 6 like this is a good idea. Particularly if you want to read them in order.

Flower Fairies Friends by Kay Woodward

These chapter books are based on Cicely Mary Barker's classic flower fairies books, and will appeal to a variety of ages. There are some lovely flower fairy illustrations thoughout, on practically every page. Each book centres on one flower fairy, but normally the other fairies get a mention too, and some naughty elves make an appearance too!

Fairy Dust by Gwyneth Rees

Gwyneth Rees has written a few different fairy themed books, all of which would be more suited to slightly older girls, of 7 or 8 +. This is because of the way they are written, and the language used, but also the themes covered in the books. Whilst they are still books containing cute fairies, they also deal with everyday issues in modern life, like parents separating and divorce, or how a shy fairy overcame being shy. So life lessons wrapped up in great fairy stories. Be prepared that questions may arise from the books, but also it opens up the way to help children deal with issues that may arise in their, or their friends lives, exploring different issues. These books have some lovely illustrations in them too, and overall this series of fairy books is great and slightly different to most of the others about fairies. An extra positive, is at least one of the books, Fairy Dreams, is available on kindle.