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Ghost Sponge Painting

You will need :

White paint
Black paper/card
Sponge - supermarket cheap scouring sponges work well
Marker pen
Paper plate or similar for putting your paint on
White wax crayon if you want to add detail to your picture


Take your sponge and draw a ghost shape on the sponge

sponge with ghost drawn in marker pen

Use your scissors and cut out the ghost shape, make sure the eyes are deep enough

sponge with ghost cut out

Put some white paint on a paper plate or something similar that you can dip the whole sponge into. Print onto the black paper to make a ghost scene. Here are some examples to give you some ideas.

sponge ghost picture

If you want to add some more characters to your scene, such as this skeleton you will need a white wax crayon

ghost sponge painting with skeleton