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Make Your Own Binoculars

To make one pair of pretend binoculars you will need :

Two cardboard insides of an empty toilet roll
Paint - go for a greeny/brown for camouflage safari binoculars or choose whatever colours you want for bright funky ones
Sticky tape
String or garden twine for the neck strap (if you feel your child is old enough)


Take your empty toilet rolls

Empty toilet rolls

Paint the toilet rolls whatever colours you choose

Painted toilet rolls

Wait for the paint to dry

Once dry, stick the rolls together at the ends with sticky tape

Attach some string to the sides of the binoculars with sticky tape for the neck strap (only do this if you feel your child is old enough) or you can use without by just holding them up to the eyes.

Binoculars ready for use

Ideas for use - You could re-create a safari scene with whatever animals you have at home (plastic/soft/wooden) and pretend to be on safari

This is what we were lucky enough to see on our safari through the binoculars - a mother tiger with her cubs

Mummy tiger with cubs

Also you could use them to bird watch or just let your children come up with their own imaginary game of how to use the binoculars.