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Make your own fairy crown

This is a fun activity to make a fairy crown to complement any fairy party outfit, or just for any budding fairy princess who wants a crown. All you need is some paper, tin foil and sellotape. The pieces are ready for you to print, cut out and stick together.

make your own fairy crown finished version


1. Click the image below to get the pdf version to print. This is the base band to go round the head. Cut the strips out once printed, and tape two ends together to make one long strip. Now you need to measure it against your childs head and tape the other end to form the band.

Two strips should be enough for most children. If you find it is a bit too small for your child, simply print it again and use a third strip.

fairy crown band cut out bits

2. Next cut out some wide strips of tin foil for the silver parts of the crown. They need to be about twice as wide as the band as they scrunch up small. Take each strip of foil and lightly scrunch and roll it into a thin line.

3. Bend each foil strip in the middle and tape it to the back of the crown on the inside. You can use your imagination and try different sizes and shapes.

crown back foil strips


4. The crown is now complete, place the crown on the fairy's head and you are done. You could also decorate them further by adding glitter or stickers if you have them.