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Make your own girls fairy room sign

This is a fun activity to make a girls door sign using a colourful, pink, purple and yellow, semi 3D fairy. All the pieces are ready for you to print, cut out and stick together.

make your own fairy door sign finished version


1. Click each of the images below to get the pdf versions to print. The first sheet is the fairy template and the second sheet is the background sheet. You can use regular plain paper to print, however for better results use card or photo paper. The extra thickness will make the door sign more durable. Also if you have a borderless printing option, you can use that on the background so that there is no white border around the sheet. If you don't have this print option you can either cut the white border off, or leave it if you prefer it.

cut out bitsbackground

2. Cut out the fairy pieces with a pair of scissors. Take your time to stay on the black outlines if you can for a better finish.

3. Score the lines connecting the fairy wings to the body and the flaps for the skirt using a ruler and the sharp end of the scissors. This will help you fold them neatly.

3. Start with the fairy wings and put sticky tape loops (or double-sided sticky tape) on the back on each wing, and stick onto the background sheet.

4. Bend the fairy body slightly outwards as you stick the wings to the background.

5. Put sticky tape on each of the fairy skirt flaps and tuck it under the body, bending outwards the same way.

6. Use sticky tape to attach the fairy's legs, arms and head.

7. All you or your child needs to do now is write their name in the space provided with a permanent marker. The fairy room sign is all finished and ready to stick onto the door.