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Make your own Masks

make your own maskMask making can be great fun as part of dressing up, preparing for a party, or just to be creative. Here are a number of templates to start you off with ideas, such as butterfly, masquerade, and cat.

You can either print off the mask templates and colour and decorate yourself or use the full colour version if you want a head start.

For extra strength, try gluing the printed sheets to card. Another handy tip is to fold the mask in half before cutting and you can cut in half the time, so long as your scissors are strong enough.

butterfly mask in colorbutterfly mask color yourself
Butterfly Mask - Click the images for PDF versions to print

masquerade mask colormasquerade mask decorate yourself
Masquerade Mask - Great for parties, click the images for printable PDFs

cat mask colorcat mask color yourself
Cat Mask - Click the images for printable PDF

cat mask black
Black Cat Mask - Click the image for printable PDF
This one is perfect for Halloween