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How To Make Bread Animals

A recipe for children to make dough using a bread maker machine, and then making the dough into bread animal rolls.

making bread animalsIngredients
11 fl.oz/ 1½ cups of warm water
450g/ 4 cups of strong white bread flour
1½ tsp salt
1½ tsp Easy bake yeast

Put the ingredients in the bread maker pan, warm water, cover with flour, make a small well in the flour and put the salt in, on the opposite side make another small well and add the yeast.

Some bread machines prefer the ingredients added in a different order, so follow the instructions for your machine.

Then use the dough setting on your machine.

Once its finished the dough cycle, take it out and it’s time to get creative

Divide the dough into roll size amounts, it will make 6 to 8 depending on the size.

Now to make the rolls into animal shapes.

Snail - Roll the dough with your hands, till a long sausage shape, and then roll in from one end to form a shell shape and leave a bit for the snails head and neck. pinch a couple of eyes on the head.

bread snail

Hedgehog - Form a teardrop shaped roll, pinch a couple of eyes on the narrower end, and form the narrower end into a point for the snout. then either pinch the spines up between your fingers, or make some criss cross patterns with a knife and then pinch up the dough between the criss crosses.

bread hedgehog

Snake - Make the dough into a sausage shape, make two eyes and shape a small tongue, then using a knife make zig zag patterns on the body

Once you have formed your shapes, put them on a baking tray, with enough space between to allow for rising. Then cover with oiled clingfilm, and leave in a warm place for 30mins until risen.

Then put them in the oven at 220°C, for 15mins until golden brown. To test its done it should sound hollow when you tap the bottom. Allow to cool and then enjoy.

You could try out some different animals yourself too, insects lend themselves well, centipedes, ladybirds etc...