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Chocolate Sparklers

These chocolate sparklers are really simple and quick to make. So easy just to put these together, there is no baking or cooking involved. Perfect activity to do with children for bonfire night, or other celebrations when there are firework sparklers around, or maybe make some if you are having a bonfire night party, the children will love them.


Packet of chocolate finger biscuits – plain, milk, white, or a mixture
Hundreds and thousands
Bowl of warm water

Put some hundreds and thousands into a bowl

Take a chocolate finger, and dip one end of it in the bowl of warm water for a few seconds until the chocolate softens slightly.

Give it a little shake to get off the excess water and then put the end in the bowl of hundreds and thousands.

Lay the chocolate finger down on some greaseproof paper, repeat with as many chocolate fingers as you want. Then place in the fridge for 30 minutes to set.

Take them out the fridge, pop on a plate and eat.

chocolate sparkles