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Meringue Ghost Recipe

meringue ghostThis ghost meringue recipe is perfect for Halloween, they look great and children love them. They are also good to make with children, depending on their age as this will obviously depend on how much they can help. Whatever their age though they always seem fascinated that you start with runny egg white and end up with a shiny white meringue mixture that you can hold over your head and none falls down. Some will be able to help with the piping, making the ghostly shapes. Most can help with the decorating, putting the edible balls on, which is a good fun activity that can help improve fine motor control.

Ingredients for ghost meringues
110g Caster Sugar
75g Icing Sugar
3 Egg Whites
Silver or gold edible balls for cake decorating

How to make

Measure out and mix together the sugars in a bowl.

Put the egg whites in a different bowl, whisk until they go foamy and then start to form soft peaks.

Gradually add a couple of spoonfuls of the sugar mixture at a time and whisk in between. Carry on until you have put all the sugar in and the mixture is shiny, glossy and forms stiff peaks, so you can tip the bowl up and nothing falls out.

meringue whipped

Line a couple of trays with baking parchment/greaseproof paper, and use a little bit of the meringue mixture on the underside to stick the paper to the tray, a dot in each corner should be enough.

Spoon the mixture into a piping bag if you have one, or a sandwich/freezer bag will do if you don’t. If using a sandwich bag snip the corner once you’ve filled it.

Now blob the meringue mix with points at the top onto the paper covered trays.

Then use the silver or gold balls to make eyes on the ghost meringues, you can add your own details if you want, so putting some mouths on too for example.

meringue ghost batch

Put them in the oven on temp 100°C for 1½ hours and then turn off the oven and leave them in the oven until cooled.

You now have ghost meringues ready to eat, perfect for a Halloween party or school event. They are actually very easy to make and look impressive.

Note - you must make sure all the equipment involved with the egg white whisking, bowl, whisk,spatula etc. are very clean and grease free otherwise the egg whites won’t whisk up into stiff peaks. Just to be sure it’s useful to give them a very hot soapy wash prior to use. Just make sure that everything is completely dry before using them as water has the same effect too.