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Snowman Cupcakes

Snowman decorated cupcakes, great for winter and Christmas time. Ideal for any parties, fairs or fetes at this festive time of year.

snowman cupcakes

Great activity to do with children, making the cupcakes and the icing is easy, making the snowman is a bit more tricky and will require more adult help.

Cup Cake Recipe

100g Caster Sugar
100g Butter - softened
100g Self raising flour
2 Eggs
1 tsp Baking Powder
½ tsp Vanilla extract
Cake cases

Sieve the flour into a bowl, and cube the softened butter into the bowl and then add all the other ingredients. Then beat the mixture until its smooth and all mixed together. You can either do this by hand, or for ease and speed you can use an electric whisk or mixer if you have one. It will form a fairly firm mixture.

Put 12 fairy cake cases on a baking tray and then spoon the cake mixture into each one trying to spread the amount equally between them.

Then put them in the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes until well risen and golden.

Remove from the oven and put them on a wire rack to cool.

snowman cupcakeFor the Snowman Decoration

125g Icing sugar
1-2 tbsp Water
White marshmallows (24)
Chocolate drops (48)
Red lace sweets (12-24)

Once the cupcakes are completely cool, it's time to decorate them. Make up the icing by sieving the icing sugar into a bowl, then add the water and mix well until you get a fairly runny white icing mixture.

Now spoon the icing mixture onto the top of each cake to cover the top completely. If its too runny add more icing sugar, not runny enough add a bit more water. Leave a little icing left over as this will be used like glue to stick the decoration on.