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Snowmen Pictures

You will need for your picture :

Cotton wool - balls or strip
Paint - white and any other colours to add detail
Bubble wrap
Pipe cleaners/fuzzy sticks
Darker coloured paper or card


Choose some paper or card to create your picture on. A darker colour works better to contrast with the white of the snowmen.

You can create snowmen in different ways :
- using the cotton wool create a body and head shape and stick on with glue, then add snowmen detail to them, nose, buttons, hat, scarf etc.. whatever you like really. Pipe cleaners are good for adding detail as is painting the detail in.
- using the white paint to create a snowman and then add detail to it

Stick on some cotton wool to create snow lying on the ground and falling

You can also use the bubble wrap to create snow effects. Place the bobbly side into white paint, useful to have the paint spread out for instance on a paper plate so you can lay the bubble wrap on it. Then lay the bubble wrap over your picture where you want to show areas of snow fall.

You can also use glitter to add some twinkly effects like snow or frost in the sun, silver glitter works well for this.

Winter snowmen picture

winter snowman picturewinter snowman picture