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Chapter Books For Boys Age 7+
Part 2

This is a follow on from Chapter Books For Boys Age 7+, as there are so many great books around for this age group. So if you are still looking for that book to capture the interest or simply want some new ideas for books for boys aged from around 6 to 7 and older here is a new list of suggested reading. Again these are probably going to appeal to boys more than girls just because of the content being more ‘boy’ humour or adventure, but obviously girls can enjoy them too.

Also they will appeal to reluctant readers, as they all have some pictures through the book, but generally the vocabulary is a bit more developed, the text is a bit smaller and there’s more of it. It’s for that stage where they can read a page of text but still like occasional pictures. The stories will appeal more to slightly older children as well, because the themes are a bit more developed with more adventure and suspense, or humour you have to be old enough to get.

My Dad’s Got An Alligator by Jeremy Strong

Jeremy Strong has written lots of books but this suggestion is for the series of books about Nicholas and his family, starting with My Dad’s Got An Alligator and including the My Brother’s Bottom books. Everything is always a bit crazy and very funny. It may be best to read them in order, especially if you might read more in the series, as you can pick up the changes in age and additions to the family as it goes along, but if you really want, you can dip in wherever and still enjoy them. These books are just incredibly funny and will result in giggling and laughing out loud. The story lines aren’t that deep, they are basically stories of everyday lives where everything goes a bit crazy and they have a very funny twist to them. Its the characters in the family that make it and the funny things they say and do. Various escapades occur involving an alligator, granny on a motorbike and mum’s pregnancy, plus more, it may seem like a peculiar mix but it works. They are also an entertaining, funny read for adults too, so they are great books to read together too and you can all share the humour and giggle along together.

The books in reading order are

  1. My Dad’s Got An Alligator!
  2. My Granny’s Great Escape
  3. My Mum’s Going To Explode
  4. My Brother’s Famous Bottom
  5. My Brother’s Famous Bottom Gets Pinched!
  6. My Brother’s Famous Bottom Goes Camping!
  7. My Brother’s Hot Cross Bottom
  8. plus My Sister’s Got A Spoon Up Her Nose which was a world book day edition

Jeremy Strong is a popular author and has won various book awards, he has also written lots of other good books you might want to try if you enjoy this series. Including a couple of good reads that are perfect for Christmas presents.

Fantastic Mr. Fox and others by Roald Dahl

Some of the fabulous Roald Dahl books are suitable for this age and ability, mainly the slightly shorter and less scary of the stories. Roald Dahl was a fantastic writer and he delivers such excitement, magical worlds, and funny words, such as Muggle-Wumps, but the books can sometimes be seen to be a bit dark and scary to particularly sensitive children, but others will relish it. Books for this stage include Fantastic Mr. Fox about a clever fox and three dreadful farmers, which has now been made into a film, maybe if you have enjoyed the film try the book too, see how it compares? Others to try at this stage by Dahl are The Enormous Crocodile, The Giraffe and The Pelly and Me, Esio Trot, The Magic Finger and The Twits. All great reads.

Jake Cake by Michael Broad

These books are written about a boy called Jake, and they are written as though it’s Jake writing in his notebook about things that happen to him, complete with funny comments and illustrations. The drawings that ‘Jake’ has done throughout the book really help bring the stories to life. There are six books in this series, and each book has three stories within it about Jake’s life that has lots of funny and magical twists, turns, and adventures!! Including werewolves, a yeti and a vampire plus more. These will definitely still appeal to the older 8 and 9 year old boys too because of the style it’s written in and the content, plus it can capture a reluctant readers interest too.

The order of books is

  1. The order of books is
  2. The Werewolf Teacher
  3. The Robot Dinner Lady
  4. The School Dragon
  5. The Visiting Vampire
  6. The Pirate Curse
  7. The Football Beast

Mr Gum Books by Andy Stanton

These are funny, laugh out loud books, very silly but if your child likes these kind of books give Mr. Gum books a try. They are about a man called Mr. Gum who is a nasty old man, and his daily life and what he gets up to, involving ridiculous things with some truly vile people ! It is probably best to read these in order as it is useful to know things from earlier books to help with plots in later books. These books are deceptive they look thick with lots of pages but in reality each page only has a smaller amount of text and various pictures. As well as the story, there are jokes and rhymes. Parents may not be drawn to these books initially, as they can seem a bit horrid and gruesome but as well as the humour they do cover morality of certain situations too in a child friendly way. Again these are good books for reluctant readers especially those a little older who want to be seen to be reading ‘proper’ books as these look the part. The Mr Gum books have won some awards including, a most fun story with pictures award from Blue Peter, and a Roald Dahl funny prize.

Here are the books in order

  1. You’re A Bad Man, Mr Gum!
  2. Mr Gum And The Biscuit Billionaire
  3. Mr Gum And The Goblins
  4. Mr Gum And The Power Crystals
  5. Mr Gum And The Dancing Bear
  6. What’s For Dinner, Mr Gum?
  7. Mr Gum And The Cherry Tree

Zac Power by H I Larry

If you liked Secret Agent Jack Stalwart, recommended in the first part of Chapter Books for Boys 7+ then these are likely to appeal, as they are in a similar vein. Zac Power is a boy who goes on various missions, in different places, coming up against enemies on the way. Full of action and adventure, with spy gadgets. The print is still larger in these books and they have illustrations too, so appeal to emerging readers. The only warning for UK readers is these books have US spellings, and you can have trouble buying some of the later books, but don’t let that put you off giving them a try if you like these style of books, and obviously if you are in the US it’s not a problem at all!!

There are lots of books in this series but these are the first six, which are easier to get hold of

  1. Poison Island
  2. Deep Waters
  3. Mind Games
  4. Frozen Fear
  5. Tomb Of Doom
  6. Night Raid

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